Naruto Fillers Ending Spring 2007

Naruto faithfuls like myself have endured many many many months of so called “filler” episodes of the popular anime over the past months. These episodes are unrelated to the overall story of the series and is intended to keep fans content until the manga is animated into episodes that can be aired on TV. It is this same manga which is released weekly that have kept my hunger for Naruto related information in check because of the few fillers I watched I am led to believe that the majority of them are crap. It has now been confirmed (many times) that come spring 2007 all Naruto fanatics can look forward to the story continuing after Naruto and Sasuke’s epic battle. Also coming in 2007 in a brand new Naruto movie, it seems that 2007 is going to be a very good year for Naruto fans.


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