My new ISP – Flow Jamaica

I didn’t say much about it, but for the past 10 weeks I have had a new ISP at home, a newish telecommunications company in Jamaica name Flow Jamaica. I wanted to have some time to test out and evaluate their service before I posted about it as I didn’t want to be influenced by my excitement of having a super fast internet connection. Well I have a special bundle of telephone, digital cable and internet. I get 300 free minutes per month to call anywhere in the North America and the UK and that has come in handy for calling my older brother and sister (by my father side) and the hordes of friends I grew up with that are going to school abroad or migrated. I am very satisfied with the phone service, it is crisp and clear and have had no problems with drop calls and such and I can all any other phone network available in Jamaica at reasonable rates. I have 175 digital cable channels with all my favourites such as speed, history, discovery, Starz etc included but I must admit that I am a little short on movie channels but they can be added along with high Def channles and more at a cost.

Well not surprising the service which I was mainly interested in getting is the one I am most satisfied with. stepping up from a 64kbps connection with Gotel and a networked 1.5mbps at work between about 50 computers to a whopping 4 meg residential connection all for me alone took a whole lot of getting used to. I had already broken into a browsing habit of doing all manner of stuff while using the computer, I would be cleaning, ironing, studying, play video games etc between each page load or download and that was just the norm but now I have to be changing my entire browsing habits it’s almost nostalgic. I find myself getting through everything I plan to do at the computer in 20 minutes, usually all that would have taken me 2-3 hours. Downloading is where having such a fast connection really shines. I have literally chewed through my own hard drive (and a friend of mine hard drive too for that matter) in less that two weeks, i have downloaded everything i could possible wanted to download and now I have about 400mb of free space battling with. Downloading 1 gig files in less than an hour never gets boring and I find myself having a huge cue of “stuff” to sort through which have been downloaded. Online games, videos and other media is a breeze no stuttering slow loading whatsoever, I do everything online at the fastest speed possible.

So far I have had only a few problems service-wise with FLOW and all of them have been sorted out with no problems, so what can I say but I am happy and relieved finally some of the so called “progress” in this country is affecting me….beware though FLOW I am watching you.