My favourite Heroes character – Hiro Nakamura

No surprise there huh? Hiro to me is the thread that holds the entire series together. He is prominent, brave, humorous, sincere and crazy about super heroes and crazy about scifi and fantasy topics. His ability to bend the time space continuum to teleport and manipulate and travel through time is one of the more powerful powers of the characters revealed so far in heroes. One of my favourite episodes that features Hiro so far is “Collission” in which Hiro travels back in time to give Peter some information about a certain cheerleader, that twist was so unexpected and Hiro’s new look which includes him having longer hair, slimmer and sporting a Katana is not what you would expect the current geeky, glasses wearing, comic book freak to develop into.


Hiro has impacted the journeys of many other characters so far in the series but non more so that Issac who Hiro helps to discover how to use his powers without the influence of drugs. The last painting Issac did features Hiro fighting off a huge carnivorous dinosaur while brandishing his Katana and new look. Hiro is the best in Heroes currently and is destined to continue to play his vital role. Masi Oka, who plays Hiro has been nominated for a Golden Globe in the category of best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a series, mini-series or film made for television.

The above views are the personal ones of the author of this blog, whether you like them or hate them is not his concern, they are meant to stimulate discussion on his current favourite prime time TV series and spread it’s popularity.


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