My 5 least Favourite Heroes Season 3 Characters

We are two weeks away from the start of Heroes season 4 on February 2nd 2009. Heroes season one was just plain “Heroes”, season two was entitled “Generations” and was shortened because of a writers strike and season 3 was called “Villains”. Season 4 will be called “Fugitives” and I must admit that I feel that this will be season that makes or breaks Heroes as a TV series.

I was somewhat disappointed by season 3 as I explained in a post Heroes season 3 blog entry but I decided to make 2 blog entries with my five most favourite and least favourite Heroes characters from season 3 similar to a couple I made 2 years ago not long after Heroes premiered.

Warning – Spoilers – Present!

Elle Bishop: I think I made mention before about the high number of blonds in Heroes but Elle is the most retarded of the bunch. I like her electricity manipulating  ability and I understand how she could fall for Sylar initially when he didn’t understand his ability and was being manipulated by the company, but he eventually murdered her father as well and how does she repay him, a hot passionate sex scene on the floor of an abandoned house.

Matt Parkman: I don’t care what anyone wants to say but next to Sylar and Peter Matt Parkman has one of the most powerful abilities in the entire Heroes series but every time he looks like he will start to realize the true potential of his ability and start causing heads to explode he goes back to his limited mind reading tricks.

Nathan Petrelli: Nathan is a character that I have disliked from the beginning and season 3 didn’t change my mind about him at all. He lies, cheats and then rats to the feds when he cannot get his way. Who knows maybe if I had parents like him I would have been just as crazy or worse but Nathan is number one on my list of characters I wish dies a horrible death in season 4.

The Haitian: Looking back now for me the Haitian character went downhill from the moment he spoke because since then he has deteriorated from a menacing character that eats brains, to a baby sitter, to a errand boy, to jungle dweller. What I am trying to say is that he has lost his appeal and strength with Sylar leaving him bloodied without even breaking a sweat.

Tracy Strauss: I don’t think I will ever like Miss Strauss as I am still bitter about how cheaply they killed off (or so it seems) Niki Sanders. Her entry into the story was sudden but the explanation given was not so bad, however, in my mind everytime I see her character that stupid scene where Niki dies in an explosion. Maybe she will develop and grow on me as she looks like she has arrived in the story to stay a while, but I want Nikki back!

Which Heroes characters don’t you like? and what are your expectations for Heroes season 4?


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