The most popular export and one of the main reasons Jamaica is more than just a dot on the map is music. Jamaica’s dynamic, influential and ever evolving music scene is like no other and the economic contribution of music and all related industries alone is very important to Jamaica. Jamaica also has a small film industry with local and overseas directors coming to the island to make movies, making movies about Jamaica or creating movies influenced in one way or another by Jamaican culture.


Made in Jamaica enjoyed a limited release in theaters and film festivals all over the
world and enjoyed most success in Europe and Japan

Made in Jamaica is a documentary made a couple years ago that in my mind is a classic. I love documentaries or features on Jamaica that go beyond the stereotypes like just sun, sea, sand, hotels, vacations as the only good thing good about Jamaica and violence, politics and poverty the negative side of the coin. (I also like Antony Bourdain’s showcase of Jamaica). Made in Jamaica is a documentary that looks beyond these stereotypes and focuses on the taboo, hidden, misunderstood or poorly represented parts of what makes up the cultural fabric of Jamaica, free of the cream filling on the inside, sugar coating all around and cherry on top.

Made in Jamaica is an extraordinary documentary

“Made in Jamaica” is a powerful portrait of the leaders of the reggae music Movement, and how Reggae has become a worldwide phenomenon. The film showcases performances by the best Reggae and Dance Hall artists ever assembled. From their native ghetto to international fame, “Made in Jamaica” is the story of the artists who represent the Jamaican Dream.

The film presents, in order, themes of the Jamaican music :

  • Crime and violence of the ghetto
  • The political responsibility
  • History of Slavery and Colonisation
  • Legacy of Bob Marley and Salvation through music
  • Music, recording studio and thousands of artists
  • Religion and Rastafarism
  • Sex and Music
  • Women and their role
  • Message of Hope for a better life

It is the story of how a small island nation of only three million people took their pain and misery and turned those emotions into songs that resonate around the world. Reggae is Jamaica’s blues: a music of both desperation and hope.

– taken from the plot synopsis available on the official Made in Jamaica website.

Made in Jamaica Teaser Trailer

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