Karate Kid vs Kung Fu Kid

Last weekend I made an impromptu trip to the movies with Mrs Jamaipanese to check out Karate Kid, the remake of a cult classic that I must have watched at least a hundred times as a child. I knew very little about the remake before hand, so little in fact that I didn’t even know Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith played the lead roles. Jackie is an acting legend, albeit an aging one and Jaden is the son of an acting legend so I had high hopes.

Disclaimer: Please dont try at home, your groin will thank me

It was a wonderful film that I enjoyed and I don’t regret paying money to see but from my post Karate Kid remake watching experience I started to check out a few reviews and apparently I’m not as smart as I think I am, as everybody and their uncle’s aunt was wondering why the pluck is the movie named “Kung Fu” Kid if the tween is taught Kung Fu. わかりました?

I’ve spent a week in discussion with friends, reading online feedback and sacrificing baby rabbits with the hope of understanding why this happened and unearthed the following serious and not so serious reasons.

  • Hollywood is milking the Karate Kid Brand name
  • China is a greater player on the world scene now than Japan
  • Mr Miyagi was injured in a fight with me
  • This is worse than racism it’s deindividuation!
  • Jaden is the new fresh prince of Beijing

It was a good movie, really it was! But I can’t help being feel like I was robbed or feeling like the original has been tarnished! Can’t I sue somebody for misrepresentation? This is like going into a restaurant to buy curried goat and being served curried sheep instead! Anyway, still on a not so serious note, who would win an all out brawl, Mr Han or Mr Miyagi? Vote in the embedded poll below, then leave a comment or I will break your leg.

Kung Fu (Mr Han) vs Karate (Mr Miyagi)

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