Just when I thought I was a Japan-travel guru

I recently went to Tokyo. Travelling from my rural island via ferry and overnight bus. I really enjoyed myself in Tokyo but then it was time to return – so I started to make my way to Tokyo station to catch my night bus – while on the Yamanote Line I decide to double check my bus time to see if I can make a quick combini run before boarding. And that’s when I realised… I somehow read 7:08 PM as 8:07 PM – I had missed my night bus…

Expensive alternate route

I still arrived at Tokyo station and for at least an hour just stood there in a sea of commuters pondering what the hell I was going to do. In the end, I bought shinkansen tickets for the next day from Tokyo to Okayama then more trains and buses and a ferry back to my island… One day late.

Jamaican JET Program
I met up with half the group I travelled to Japan with on the JET Programme

OCD Traveler

Usually, when I travel within Japan I am crazy when it comes to my itinerary – I have things printed, reminders on my phone, Google calendar organized and point of interest pinned in Google Maps. This time though I thought I was a seasoned veteran – I’ve travelled around Japan on my own during Operation Visit Japan in 2011, I’ve made this Tokyo trip and back a couple times in the past year. I’ve done Hiroshima, Miyajima and more- who needs to be so OCD about plan right? I sure learnt my lesson.

Jamaican food Tokyo
Jamaican Food at a restaurant in Tokyo was like fuel to my soul



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