Joost (beta) – My Review and Free Invites!

Well I have been fiddling around with Joost Beta now for almost two weeks after receiving an invite from withing an hour of requesting one. So far I have been impressed by the experience of watching TV programs over my high speed connection and I have even being watching some of the Sci-fi themed series as well as the Gamestar Channel.


I’ve only had one technical issue with the program when it was unavailable for about a day during the updating of the client to 0.9.2. Other than that I have nothing but high scores and high hopes for the future of this program. I like the light, easy to load feel that the program has so far and I hope it doesn’t turn into a resource hogging, overweight application like so many video related software.

Well on the matter of invites I got two to give out to visitors to my blog. Just Leave a comment with your:

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:

I will send the 2 invites out to randomly to any two of these persons in a couple of days, hope they will return to comment on their experience using Joost. Good Luck!


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