Japanese study material has arrived

I have tonnes of Japanese study material, all kinds of text books, notebooks, workbooks, print-outs, websites and audio CDs but with my busy life it’s hard for me to find enough time to study and the little time I get I am tired or mentally drained and prefer my relaxing activities like photography, video games or watching anime. I have been thinking of ways to study more Japanese by making it more fun and I have come up with two ideas. One idea is to combine studying Japanese with other activities I love and the other is to teach the little Japanese I know to a couple of very interested friends and my younger sister. With those in mind I bought a couple Japanese study materials online 2 weeks ago.

Japanese + Manga

Japanese in ManaLand is a excellent book that teaches Japanese through manga stories, I also got the workbook that opens just like a manga would and has some excellent artwork that makes it fun to learn to read in Japanese. I also finally got some Kana flash cards to start teaching my sister and a little mini Kana Pict-o-Graphix pocketbook to glimpse into on the bus or other times I need something to occupy some time. Professor Layton and the Curious Village a Nintendo DS game that will act as a “brain exerciser” has also arrived and I am already having trouble with the fifth puzzle -_-. Now let the Japanese studying begin! (again).

Next – a Japanese Studying cartridge for my Nintendo DS!



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