Japanese Class Recap – Apr 25th and 27th

The first two classes since out Easter break have been great. Not many persons attended classes so i looking to see if that will change next class.

After exam discussions we jumped into revisions of certain areas that were problematic for everyone last year, we started out with the usual introduction as practice and then got into the deeper things.

We revised “I” and “na” adjectives, progress tense, give and receive and much more a few of which can be seen below.

The first topic Tomoko sensei touched on was “I” Adjectives and she used various adjectives that end with “i” such as Tanoshii (たのしい)as examples:

たのしい – Enjoyable – Positive Present Tense
たのしかった – was Enjoyable – Positive Present Tense
たのしくない – not Enjoyable – Negative Present Tense
たのしくなかった – wasn’t Enyoyable – Negative Past Tense

The second topic was “Na” Adjectives, she used various na adjectives such as Genki (げんき) as examples:

げんき – Fine – Positive Present Tense
げんきでした – was Fine – Positive Present Tense
げんきではありません – not Fine – Negative Present Tense
げんきでわありまんせんでした – wasn’t Fine – Negative Past Tense

much more was revised and more examples will be given soon.


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