The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency along with about 2 dozen other research organizations and universities has plans for a very “fishy” experiment in space. 12 Killifish will be sent on an all expenses paid trip to the International Space Station sometime in 2011. They better enjoy their laid back retreat making babies and enjoying the views though because as soon as they return home they will be cut up and experimented on, all in the name of research of course.


“There is a lot of common ground between humans and killifish, a fellow vertebrate,” says Makoto Asashima, a professor of developmental biology specially appointed by the University of Tokyo. “We should get a lot of data useful for Japan’s future manned space missions.”

Fishy Experiments

It is still not properly understood how radiation and weightlessness affects the human body and we can’t quite cut up live astronauts who have been in space for extended periods to study how their inner workings have been disturbed. Fortunately fish though are fair game so lets see how the animal rights groups will protest this one ;)

Fish in Japanese

In recognition of the achievements and contributions off the fish species to the development of science, all the sacrifices that the men and women of the fish race have made for the survival of the human species and to prevent a worldwide fish uprising I’d like to teach you the Japanese word word for fish.

é­š – さかな – sakana

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