Jamaipanese portrait by @Khisayama – Thank You!

A few days ago during my regular perusal of the Twittersphere I happened upon a tweet by my pal  @RYOtheSKYWALKER that showed a cool-looking portrait of himself. I asked about it and he revealed that it was done by portrait painter @Khisayama. I inquired about getting one done of myself and a he obliged!  Below is my new self-portrait that I really really really really (did I say really?) love. I plan to print it out, frame it and hang it in my mancave. Thank you @Khisayama!!!!

Love the artsy look and the detail on the leaf ;)


@Khisayama tweets in Japanese but seems to be doing portraits for persons who ask and send him a photo. Maybe if you ask nicely you can have one done for you too? For now this is a good addition to my about page as well, I’ve been meaning to update that page for months.



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