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Facebook and Twitter are the two current social networking darlings. I am more active with Twitter and wrote a post a couple months ago about my experience with Twitter as a blogger which includes some tips for those just starting out with Twitter. Although I am a longtime member I wasn’t a fan of Facebook initially, especially after it opened up and it’s popularity exploded. Being spammed with game invites, annoying quizzes and party invites didn’t help wasn’t causing me to love Facebook any more. Over time though it has grown to be more useful especially as it’s Twitter envy grows so I decided to start a Jamaipanese.com Fanpage on Facebook to grow my readership and attract visitors who wouldn’t click through to my blog or read my posts normally.


So the far the response has been awesome in my behind the scenes trial and I have been introduced to some awesome people on Facebook, some are Japanese who are huge fans of Japan, some are Jamaicans living and working in Japan, some are fans of Japan or Jamaica living all over the world. I am considering replacing my Google Friend connect widget in the sidebar with a Facebook fanbox as that would be much more useful as I will actually be able to “connect” with real people.

Make the Connection

So join the Jamaipanese.com Fanpage on Facebook to get updates in your homepage stream whenever I post a new blog entry. Search for “Jamaipanese” on Skype and add me as a contact with a message letting me know you came through my blog. Also follow my ramblings on Twitter, my Videos on Youtube, my interesting sites on Stumbleupon,  my photos on Flickr or the old fashioned way by RSS feed and email updates.



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