Jamaipanese interviewed on Blogs on Japan

Ive been interview by Blogs on Japan! Quite an honour and I am flattered that I am the first in to be interviewed for the site. It makes me glad because at least I know that this blog useful to many people and that my time spent writing posts is not in vain.

You can view the full interview over at the Blogs on Japan website. Check out 3 of the questions from the interview and my answers.

When did you start blogging about Japan and why did you start?

I started blogging about Japan in February 2006, I started blogging because I needed somewhere to write about my interests in Japan and its culture as well as other things I am interested in that are in some way another related to Japan; such as video games, anime, cars, technology etc.

Describe your blog in one word.


The worst thing about Japan is

The Japanese people’s Seafood obsession -_-


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