Jamaica’s second Mobile Technology Revolution – Claro is here

Jamaica’s first mobile technology revolution came when Digicel entered the market and rescued Jamaica from obsolete mobile network technology and ridiculous mobile network rates that the lone mobile provider (Cable and Wireless) provided to the people. Digicel arrived and conquered the hearts of the people but to me over the past year or two has been slowing transforming themselves into an overlord showing many of the signs of the previous overlord. There was always a third player in the market called “Miphone” that launched around the same time as Digicel but wasn’t as well received and lagged way behind in the market. American Movil bought Miphone last year and news about the new network was few and far between until the surprise announcement that the iPhone was to be released officially in Jamaica under the Miphone brand exclusively, there was only one problem…the iPhone was a 3g phone and Miphone operated a CDMA network.

Well today is the day Miphone has been reborn as “Claro”, Jamaica’s 3g network is launched and now a part the fifth largest mobile network in the world. Jamaica joins many other countries in the Americas with American Movil’s Claro mobile brand such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. Looking forward to owning a “legal”, network supported iPhone in Jamaica complete with full functionality and services and I’ll be a part of the geek army attacking Claro’s local offices next month to welcome Jamaica’s second mobile technology revolution by buying a shiny new iPhone!


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