Jamaica’s Prime Minister Interviewed on HARDtalk

I just watched an interview with Prime Minister Bruce Golding on HARDtalk, an interview talkshow on the BBC. Just watching the program alone took me through various types of emotions and I would even say mental states. Why is it that certain programs always dig at the negative news and information only? It is for that same reason I started a website called Jamaicapage.com even before I started this blog to focus more of the POSITIVE news and information that happens in Jamaica. I am sure I have referred to posts there in the past.

Prime Minister of Jamaica – Bruce Golding

Mr golding handled himself well and I must comment him for standing up the the tough questions related to the economic situation in Jamaica, crime and violence and human rights. It’s not a matter of political affiliation as I have never voted before and I consider myself politically neutral. I have always admired Mr Golding’s ability to keep his composure and tone, speaking clearly while getting his point across with subtle gestures. I salute you Mr Golding…you are an inspiration.



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