Jamaican Coffee is King in Japan

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most expensive brands of coffee in the world. Coffee is grown all over Jamaica but only a select batch of the product grown in a 12 mile area of the Blue Mountains to the east of Kingston can be marketed as true Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Japan has bought over 85% of the Blue Mountain coffee produced in Jamaica for the past 10 years and has always been a huge market for the product long before that. Japan consumes the most coffee in Asia and easily makes into the top 20 coffee consuming countries in the world.

Altitude and Temperature

Blue Mountain coffee is famous and sought after because it is grown at high altitude at the perfect temperature, this results in coffee berries that have perfect acidity, sweetness and flavor with no genetic modification necessary like some other brands. Coffee fuels much of the first world with coffee shops dispensing hot and cold beverages to millions of consumers worldwide which makes coffee the second most sought after resource on the planet after oil.

Jamaicans aren’t big coffee drinkers

Maybe it’s because of the climate, culture or maybe a maybe a combination of both but Jamaicans aren’t big coffee drinkers. I’m thinking to myself while writing this and wondering when was the last time I drank coffee and I seriously can’t remember – I’m more of a tea drinker but who knows maybe I’ll be a drinker of Jamaican coffee while in Japan?

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