Interesting sites and blogs entry 1

I browse the internet a whole lot and there are many sites that i favour and find interesting. I will begin to feature interesting sites that I visit regularly or just discovered so that readers of my blog can take a look for themselves and see if they will also find them interesting. Most will be Japan, Asian, Jamaican, Caribbean, anime, movie related etc, just like my interests. The fist entry has been hijacked by blogs as I find that lately more and more of my time on the net is taken up with browsing through blogs related to things I like or people I know.

Cayman Firefly – when I found this blog a few days ago it had only 5 entries, but these 5 entries have been so interesting I find myself returning day after day hoping there is new post. I laughed so hard while reading though a couple posts and my favourite so far has been his posts about his pre hurricane Gilbert Blue Mountain hike. Check out part 1 and part 2

Japan Newbie – A very good blog on Japan related topics that I visit for new topics regularly. Owned by a very friendly down to earth fellow I find his mini Japanese lesson posts most interesting.

The Life of Gordon Swaby – This youngster has been on my MSN messenger contact list for months, how he got there I don’t remember but a few days ago we started chatting and it seems we have a few things in common (such as tech and web designing) and he seems like a smart person. So far I know he lives in central Jamaica and still in high school but all the details are on his newly started blog.


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