I Survived a Japanese Game Show Season 1

I Survived a Japanese Game Show is a hilarious, fun to watch and quirky television show that premiered on ABC last June. I had no idea such a show was on TV and for almost a year and throughout the first season and a half this show went on without my knowledge. That where the beauty of Twitter comes in again as fellow tweeter Miss Browning gave me the link to the entire first season of I Survived a Japanese Game Show on Youtube and I have been hooked every since.


The 10 contestants and the host at the start of Season one

I Survived a Japanese Game Show is an award winning American reality show. Ten Americans from all over the country leave the United States and arrive in Japan where they compete in a crazy Japanese style game show where the winner goes home with US $250,000 and the honour of saying “I Survived a Japanese Game Show”. Throughout the 7 episodes that make of season 1 I enjoyed myself watching the contestants competing in extremely funny challenges that had me in stitches. Challenges like “big bug splat on a windshield”, “sticky sticky bang bang” and my personal favourite “squishy squishy!”


I think I am in love with Mama-san, seriously…

Laughing while learning about Japan

It wasn’t all bout laughing though as it provided an opportunity for me to learn about and see many areas, customs, traditions in Japan as well as a peek into everyday life. I now know a lot more about mochi balls, the Tsukiji fish market, capsule hotels, rickshaws, pachinko, rice farming and I would give anything to be able to go one one of those helicopter tours of Tokyo. My favourite contestant was Mary but I enjoyed the scenes with Mama-san the most. Mama-san is pint sized female Japanese powerhouse whose first words were “I am your Mama-san but I am not your Mama!”, she looks after the contestants while they are at the base house while teaching them about Japanese culture and customs.

Check out the first season I Survived a Japanese Game Show, it’s easy as the entire first season is viewable on Youtube. The second season is underway and I’ll be trying to catch up so I can start watching it on TV – Tuesday nights on ABC. If you are like me and love Japanese hows like Ninja Warrior or want to have fun while learning a little about Japan, check out this show.

Official site
Watch season 1 on Youtube



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