I knew I would deep down I knew it. I probably didn’t want to say it but I knew it. I deserve it though because this term has been a combination of being very busy and neglect of studying. I barely looked over anything all week related to my Japanese exam yesterday because I knew it was too late and there was no way I could review over a years material. The written test was the biggest disaster but my interview/oral didn’t go too bad, but it is the average of two of them that will decide my grade and I am guessing that average will be in the sixties, way below the 80 percent needed to pass. I guess i will sulk and think about my failed term. In a a week or two when Tomoko sensei returns from Japan and looks at the paper and listens the interview I am sure my phone will be ringing…I can almost hear her heavy accented english already…”ケリロイさん what happenned?!?”