HMS Jamaica – Former British Royal Navy Ship

It’s late, I can’t sleep and I am up reading all kinds of things on the internet. I hope you read my about page, because if you did you would have known that I am also a military buff that almost joined the British Army.

British Colonial Naming – HMS Jamaica

I was reading up on various ships and one thing led to next and before you knew it i discovered that there was once a Crown Colony Cruiser in the British Royal Navy named after Jamaica. The HMS Jamaica as she was called was one of many light cruisers named after what was then British colonial “possessions”. The HMS Jamaica saw action all over the world especially in the second world war and was one of the naval stars of the Korean War where it picked up the nick names “galloping ghost of the Korean coast” and “Fighting J”.

HMS Jamaica

Why don’t they teach this stuff in local and regional schools instead of so much American, European and the whole watered slave trade and flawed Caribbean history. Just thought I’d geek out and share that fact with you guys. If you want to read more check out the HMS Jamaica page on Wikipedia or on Britain’s Small Wars.



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