Heroes Season 3 Reactions

The third season of Heroes has come and gone so quickly and before I even finish the first sentence I would like to say that this season was underwhelming with a very disappointing finale. Expected plot twists, a major death almost every episode, an overload of blonde characters and a former nurse turned commando all ad up to me not completely giving up on the series but finding it hard to love it like I once did. There were bursts of genius but unfortunately this was followed by bouts of “what the f*ck” moments.

I have tried my best to not spoil much for those who have yet to watch or finish watching season 3 butI am preparing a 5 favourite and hated characters from Heroes Season 3 blog entry that I will be posting soon that will have a few spoilers, this continues a similar post of my favourite and not so favourite characters I made midway through season one when I was supper excited about Heroes. It will be very interesting to see how my feelings have changed towards certain chracters now…trust me.

Villans to Fugitives

The “Villans” arc of Heroes has come to an end and from the sneak peek of the beginning of the second arc of season 3 that arc will be entitled “Fugitives” and I can almost picture the story in my mind already and it is not very original. Heroes season four is expected to start next February.

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