Awesome Urban Japan Photos by Flickr member “hidesax”

The photographer in me goes crazy whenever I see awesome photos by talented photographers. Flickr is a fertile “looking ground” packed with millions of awesome photos that I sometimes find myself lost in for hours on end. Combine the photographer in me with the Japan lover in me and you have a recipe for non-productivity. Recently I surfed into Flickr User “hidesax“‘s Flickr page via a Facebook share from a friend and while he describes himself as a “weekend photographer, still prefering quantity over quality” I look through his photostream and marvel at every shot. Maybe I am tainted for my love of Japan but I think his work is excellent so I decided to share a couple of his photos! Be sure to visit his Flickr stream for higher resolutions and dozens more excellent shot of Japan! Below are a couple of my favourites.

Tokyo Sky Tree is growing!
Shinjiku at night fisheye
I'm a sucker for bright colours and a shallow depth of field
...but Japanese trains are my real weakness

Know of other Flickr users with uber awesome Japan-related photos? Share the link via a comment below!


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