Firefox 3.5 was released with a long list of new features, functions, updates and tweaks. I’ve been taking the new version for a spin for the past day and I love it so far. The upgrade process was nice and easy but a few plugins were not supported yet.


While checking the stats for this blog recently I realized that Firefox is now the browser most used to visit this site. Not surprising as most of my visitors young tech savvy persons. There is a breakdown of the  browsers used to access further down in this post. So if you are a Firefox user reading this and have yet to upgrade to Firefox 3.5 do so now. It’s faster, now offers private browsing and a host of security features. Check out the video below for a quick overview on what’s new in Firefox 3.5.

Browsers used to Access January 1 – June 30 2009

  • Firefox – 54.3%
  • Internet Explorer – 35.7%
  • Safari – 4.4%
  • Google Chrome – 2.6%
  • Opera – 1.4%
  • Mobile devices including cellphones – 1.3%
  • Game consoles (PS3, PSP and Wii) – 0.3%

The stats above are from the nifty premium website statistics service I use called Clicky, it has improved even further since my review a year ago, check it out for free and then decide if you want to become a paid user like me. Upgraded to Firefox 3.5 yet? Having any problems? Or are you using another browser? Comments welcome below.

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