Fingerprinting of all Foreigners entering Japan has begun

Yes, its now official all non-Japanese nationals or persons with special privileges and permission inside of or visiting Japan are all suspected terrorists. I’ve never been off this beautiful tropical island rock called Jamaica, not because I couldn’t but because I refuse to travel to another persons country and feel like a second rate human and the visa and paperwork requirements were too much for me and I couldn’t be bothered. I am having trouble swallowing the terrorism prevention measure excuse been offered up by Japan and my plans for visiting Japan just got more complicated. I have nothing to fear and to the best of my knowledge I am not a terrorist but if this is not discrimination I don’t know what is and if I were a terrorist Japan would be extra attractive right now, can you imagine the publicity bomb the first terrorist attack in japan after these new rules are implemented will get now?

Even if you have lived and worked in Japan for years you are not exempt – image source

Online Petition

A couple of days ago I blogged about this and then saw an online petition calling for the Abolition of the Non Japanese fingerprinting program being implemented today at an interesting Japan related blog called Jdonuts. The blog owner goes by the name contamination and was kind enough to visit my blog and leave a comment after I visited his. Sign the petition if this new fingerprinting and photographing law affects you in any way.

Coverage in the Media

Japan fingerprints foreigners as anti-terror move
Blanket fingerprinting begins of all foreigners entering Japan
Hey Japan, Let’s Fingerprint Foreigners!



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