Erotic Otaku and Anime Subculture

Within anime and manga there are many genres or categories and as it becomes more popular the fanbase and money generated from the industry is growing rapidly and influencing various other cultures. Surfed into somewhat well written but still flawed article entitled Anime erotic subculture goes mainstream that covers Japan’s erotic exports to America, tries to explain otaku culture and compares the otaku culture in America with Japan.

Balsa – the anime girl of my dreams….I explained why in my Guardian of the Sacred Spirit review

What I fear is many persons who don’t understand otaku culture who read articles like this will generalize and think that all persons interested in Japanese manga and anime are sexually perverted retards who collect childlike female figures and are anti-social. There are many otaku (like me) who are into anime and manga but necessarily overly interested it’s erotic subculture and many onlookers must understand that it is what it is a “subculture” of a much wider movement.

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