One night at El Inn Kyoto

I was fortunate enough to have two amazing friends to stay with while in Japan, the first Jamaican pal I met through his blog about his life and experiences being an English teacher in Japan and the 2nd a beautiful Japanese lady who intrigued me because she was a Japanese reggae singer who makes some really excellent music. Out of the 20 nights I spent in Japan I spent only 1 at a hotel and that hotel was El Inn Kyoto.

“Give me Gaijin power now!” (Power Rangers reference for the non-geeks among us)

My Japanese friend worked her bargain hunting and planning magic we wanted to explore Nara and Kyoto over 2 days and needed 2 rooms at a place central but affordable to stay. We decided on El Inn Kyoto and I have nothing but good things to say about my experience staying there. In typical Japanese fashion the customer service was top class and although technically I spent less than 10 hours there (half of that sleeping) I would recommend other Japan trekkers to stay there if your travels take you to Kyoto.

I was taller than the bed, but so what? at least the robe fit

The room was tiny but the location was great, literally 2 minutes walk from Kyoto Station and like a true gaijin I was fascinated by the futuristic toilet I had read about so much and seen so many videos of other foreigners going crazy over. Overall a good place to stay that I would definitely return to in future trips to Kyoto.

Check out the proverbial “room” tour video embedded above (always wanted to do one IN Japan). Ironically the first video I uploaded to the Youtube Channel was a tour of my own room in Jamaica (which looks very different now), while you are watching the video ensure you subscribe for more! Speaking of more, lots more photos taken at El Inn Kyoto below and check out their website here for location, directions, rates etc.

Is this really the lobby of a budget hotel?
look Ma! A futuristic toilet! with a heated seat!
not the perfect view… unless you are a train geek like me  who can’t get enough of the shinkansen



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