Meet Japan’s E5 Series Shinkansen

Come Spring 2011 Japan will add another Shinkansen model to it’s already impressive lineup. The E5 Series Shinkansen will be put to work by JR East and run from Tokyo to Shin-Aomori in just over 3 hours eventually reaching speeds of 320 kilometers per hour.


E5 Series Shinkansen meeting the press

The long 15 meter platypus-like nose is is designed to reduce noise when entering tunnels and as can be seen above the entire aluminium alloy body will be mostly painted green and white with a pink stripe. This is one good looking train but the design of the N700 is still my favourite. Check the video below for a better veiw of the E5 Series Shinkansen including on the track action and testing.

Image and Information sources

Mainichi News Photo Journal
JR East



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