Drainspotting is the act of looking at, taking photos of or admiring uniquely designed manhole covers. Many years ago I discovered what would soon become known as drainspoting when I found a couple galleries with photos of manhole covers in Japan and wrote a quick post about it entitled – In Japan even manhole covers are extraordinary. About a year after than post I found out that there was a community devoted to locating the different unique manhole covers in Japan. Not surprising, last year I found and bought a book called Drainspotting: Japan’s Artistic Manhole Covers and that was when I decided that if I ever visited Japan I’d want to do some drainspotting of my own.

Osaka Castle

Photographing at least 5 cool manhole covers made it unto my rough list of 100 places to see or things to do when I visit Japan. While I was in Japan during my 3 week visit I saw dozens of manhole covers, at least 8 were intricate and photo worthy but I only managed to snap photos of 5. I can still remember the stares I got as I got visibly excited while taking the photos.

Yokohama City featuring Yokohama Bay Bridge

Join the drainspotting horde! Pick up a copy of Pick up a the drainspotting book on Amazon. If you are already a drainspotting leave a comment with photos you have taken or just your general comments.

Chiba City

Harajuku or Roppongi, can't quite remember

Yokohama City featuring Nippon Maru