It has been released for a while in Japan and other countries but for us in the west the torment is slow and never ending. First came the leaked images of Goku featured muscular enhancements via photoshop, then came the first Dragonball movie poster then not long after the seizure inducing trailer.


Brace yourself ladies and gentlemen the moment you may have or may have not been waiting for is less than a week away. Dragonball Evolution is set for a theatrical release upon the masses in North America on April 10th (then here in Jamaica about a week later) and quite frankly I feel sick, every time I see the poster or trailer I feel like someone should be shot, I just can’t figure out who should get the bullet just yet, maybe I’ll just put myself out of my misery.

Will I watch it? Only time will tell, but the one critic review I read so far recommended that Dragonball fans should watch this only when intoxicated. Please excuse me while I go rinse my brain out with water.

Dragonball Evolution Official website