Computer Generated Girls are coming

I’ve been watching videos and reading up on what went on at the Wireless Japan Expo 2008. As expected there was some crazy wireless technology on show by the Japanese, some of which are practical and useful. I will let you decide though it computer generated girls you poke, undress and play with falls into the practical or useful category.

Ladies and gentlemen meet Alice…one of the latest invention inventions from the greatest minds in Japan and when I say greatest minds in Japan I mean it, because Alice was invented and is being worked on by graduates from the prestigious Tokyo University as they research and perfect ways to interact with what they call augmented reality. Alice responses to interaction and coded cubes and you can play with her, undress her, giver her gifts and much more. It makes you wonder why they didn’t test it out on computer generated pets or something, but who am I to complain ^_^.

Alice and her friends are coming soon to Japan and then to the world not long after. Who wants to play with Alice? come on don’t be shy. I’d want one simply because she speaks Japanese and I’ve be slacking off on studying Japanese (again).

Watch Video of Alice in action
CG girls gone wild
Wireless Japan Expo 2008
Wireless Watch Japan



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