Cloud of Steroids cover Julien Dunkley

It’s 10 days to the Beijing Olympics games and this isn’t my originally drafted post for this occasion, but the biggest topic now at home in Jamaica and on the minds of fans of Jamaican Athletics worldwide is did Julien Dunkley really do the unthinkable and one of few Jamaican athletes tainted with the poison of drugs?…is it a mistake and his “B” sample will clear his name?….because if it really is true and Julien Dunkley really has tried to cheat with drugs and brought down the name of Jamaica he will face the wrath of our sports loving nation especially at a time like this when we have not just some of the fastest but THE fastest sprinters…both men and women in the world right now.

Julien Dunkley – image source

No one has been officially confirmed as the culprit but all clues currently point to Julien Dunkley and the steroid has been confirmed to be Boldenone which is intended to be used only by horses!. He placed 6th in he 100m at Jamaica’s National Olympic Trials last month and was on the team as a backup 100m runner and 4x100m runner but is now missing from the official list of athletes set to participate in Beijing.

Sprinter Julien Dunkley axed from Olympic team
Julien Dunkley IAAF Profile
Boldenone anabolic Steroid



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