Jamaican TV in 1984 – JBC Clip

When I say I am a “Proud Jamaican” I dont say it lightly, I LOVE my country and I accept ALL it’s faults while revel in it’s greatness while remaining focused on my task as a Jamaican to do my part to make Jamaican a better place for all. I am not one to focus on the negatives or the past so I don’t blog about my childhood but I saw a tweet from Twitter pal Fyrfli that inexplicably stirred so many emotions and inadvertently became a marker to measure Jamaica’s “progress” (or lack thereof) in the last 25-30 years.

Posting it on my Facebook page resulted in a mountain of comments and messages. I wasn’t even born yet but this post has taken me over a day to write and I still can’t properly articulate what I am trying to say. I watch dozens of videos dayly but this is one I will never forget, the geek in me also wonders what TV will be like 30 years from now. Anyway, I am blabbering too much – video embedded below whether you are in Jamaica or not I am looking forward to reading your comments below.



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