First Jamaipanese Live Web Show Date

After months of procrastinating the geek Gods have removed my excuse and blessed me with a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema which I got as a belated birthday gift in late in March. Since then I have been brainstorming ideas for a live internet video show of sorts.

The drawing for my Kanji poster and Audio Tours Giveaway is the perfect time to blast my ugly face and bad English across the interwebs. I have been doing some testing over the past couple weeks as I have never done anything like this before, from my tests all should go well, so if you are reading this you better tune in!

Time and Date

Follow me on Twitter or “like” on Facebook for updates and tune in to the live stream show on on Sunday May 2nd at noon Jamaica time (GMT -5)  plus a surprise guest will be my cohost. The main feature of the first show will be when I randomly choose the 2 winners  of the kanji poster and audio tours giveaway (1 for kanji poster and another for tours). Just for tuning into the ustream drawing you have a chance to win a $10 gift voucher for the White Rabbit Press online store.

surprise guest host’s legs?

Will you be tuning in?

Some of the things I hope to do and chat about with those who tune in include:

  • Giveaway drawing
  • Monster Hunter Tri first impressions
  • Yoko Littner makes a surprise appearance
  • Operation Visit Japan update
  • All Hail Japan podcast discussions
  • Your questions answered

The plan is to so these live shows at least once a month as an extension of the topics covered on my blog and also to interact with those who read and follow my blog. Hope you will tune in! Remember Sunday May 2nd at noon Jamaica time (GMT -5). Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for updates.



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