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JAXA’s Akatsuki Probe reaches Venus

It’s been six months since the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched the Akatsuki probe the Tanegashima spaceport in Kagoshima Prefecture. The spacecraft which is roughly the size of a fridge has reached its destination and after solving a slight tragetory problem has successfully entered...


New Phone acquired! – HTC Legend

I have been longtime admirer of the Android mobile operating system since it was first announced and for the longest while had dreams of owning an android powered phone. The first android device I every saw was a friend’s HTC Hero, I owned a Blackberry...


HRP-4 Humanoid Robot

The HRP line of humanoid robots from Kawada Industries and Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology have come a far way over the years. I became fascinated with one the HRP-3 Promet Mk-II a few years ago and while going through my feedreader recently I...


Smart Vending Machines unveiled in Japan

Japan is vending machine land and it is estimated that there is a vending machine for every 23 Japanese person. Billions on dollars of sales are generated each year by vending machines in Japan  so there is stiff competition from manufacturers to stay ahead of...


Speedy Narita Sky Access Opens

Narita Sky Access logo
look our for the Narita Sky Access on your next trip to Tokyo

Keisei Electric Railway Company recently official opened the new Narita Sky Access train route which connects Narita International Airport with the Nippori Station which is along the Yamanote Line  in downtown Tokyo in only 36 minutes. It’s competitor the Narita Express by JR makes the...


I love you Flow Jamaica

I’m here sitting idle, sweating my ass of in the summer heat on a Monday night, I’ve been tweeting up a storm and checking out the first episodes of some Summer 2010 anime. After watching the first episode of High School of the Dead (which...


Japan’s Akatsuki Probe on its way to Venus

A few days ago the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency launched the Akatsuki probe from the Tanegashima spaceport in Kagoshima Prefecture. The Venus Climate Orbitor a very sophisticated probe  featuring specialized cameras,  sensors specially designed to study Venus’ atmosphere and surface. Mission Overview Venus is one...


Honda 3R-C Urban Transport Vehicle

Honda 3rc Concept Vehicle

Futuristic electric powered vehicles seems to be what the major players in the Japanese auto industry is focusing on. Vehicles like the i-Real Personal Mobility Vehicle by Toyota and the U3-X robotic unicycle by Honda are some of the ones I found interesting enough to...


Yotaro Baby Robot from Japan

yotaru baby robot japan

Japan has already got robot teachers, robot pets and robot gladiators so can you guess whats missing? Robot babies of course! The Tsukuba University’s robotics and behavioral sciences laboratory has been working on “Yotaro” designed to remind young people of the pleasures of parenting. Balloon...


Ameba Japanese Micro-blog Clones Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites on the internet. Some argue that it has passed it’s peak but in my mind Twitter is unique and useful enough to be around for a while. It is my most used social networking website...