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10 known causes of intense Geekgasms


A “geekgasm” can be best described as a fit of intense geek joy; the play on the word orgasm is obvious. The geeks have truly inherited the earth but what are the greatest causes for intense geekgasms? I have a post today that will help! Giant...


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


I won’t pretend I am some learned movie critic that can name a 5 dozen directors in 10 seconds, identify actors by their fingernails and occasionally fix my imaginary crown on my larger than average head. I’m just a geek who grew up with multiple...


Star Wars: The Force Awakens


The Force finally awakened in Jamaica on December 23rd. After dodging spoilers and the urge to attack the offices of my local movie theatre company I finally descended upon the first public showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Jamaica extremely anxious and in the...


Shingeki No Kyojin – live action Trailer and Poster


The wait is almost over ladies and gentlemen; the live action Shingeki No Kyojin or Attack on Titan movie is set for release in Japan this summer in two parts. Check out the recently released second trailer below. Fanboys (and girls) all over the world are...


Transformers: Age of Extinction


The summer blockbuster that gave me heart palpitations as I impatiently waited for its release has finally been assimilated into my geek mind. From the first Transformer movie to Revenge of the Fallen to what should have been the end of the trilogy in the form...


Godzilla – The King of the Monsters


As a child I remember watching very grainy, poorly translated movies featuring what looked like a giant dinosaur fighting other giant creatures while destroying the city of Tokyo. He fought everything from three-headed dragons (King Ghidorah) to the mechanized version of himself (Mechagodzilla) and he...


Transformers: Age of Extinction Teaser Trailer

The Transformers franchise is getting a 4th movie. It is the start of a second trilogy following up on the first trilogy all of which I watched at the theatre and blogged about here on The first Transformers movie surprisingly didn’t suck (in my eyes), Transformers:...


Godzilla! – Movie Trailer

Godzilla is one of those classic popular culture icons that gave me a eureka moment so many years ago when I found out it originated in Japan. First released 1954 the Godzilla franchise is known worldwide with many spin-off films, series, cartoons, toys and memorabilia...