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In Darkness, Death – Book Review

In Darkness, Death is the award wining third installment of Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler’s Samurai Mysteries series. I described the first book Ghost in the Tokaido Inn as eerie and the second book Demon in the Teahouse as unpredictable and it seems that this book...


Drainspotting: Japan’s Artistic Manhole Covers

There are many things to like about Japan. Anime, temples, samurai and electronics are some of the usual things that come to mind right away. However, there is something that is not so normal that I have been intrigued by about Japan since I first...


The Demon in the Teahouse – Book Review

The second book in the Samurai Mysteries series is The Demon in the Teahouse. It picks up right after the exciting happenings of the first book which I reviewed called The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn. After enjoying the first book so much I was...


The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn – Book Review

the ghost in the tokaido inn book cover

Let me start off by saying The Ghost on the Tokaido Inn is an awesome book. The experience reading it is everything and more than when I first acquired it, blogged about it and started reading it a month ago. It has been my companion...


Otaku Encyclopedia – Book Review

The Otaku Encyclopedia: An Insider’s Guide to the Subculture of Cool Japan is a book I picked up and blogged about early last month that I have been reading in my free time since. As the title of the book states the Otaku Encyclopedia is...


Japan an Illustrated History – Book Review

A couple weeks ago I bought a couple books to help me in my quest to rediscover my reading mojo. I have been diligently keeping my promise to read more with my preferred reading time being just before bed. I have now finished reading Japan...