Can’t Wait to Play Final Fantasy XIII

I’ve been a longtime Final Fantasy fan playing all of the games from one through to nine but apparently I am one of the few people who hated Final Fantasy X and the over dose of estrogen in Final Fantasy X-2. I played the MMO styled Final Fantasy XI for a little while but not having a decent computer at the time or a reliable internet connection doesn’t spell well for a game that requires hundreds of hours of attention and a monthly fee. Final Fantasy XII just didn’t appeal to me and arrived at a time when I had the most fun shooting my friends in multilayer first person shooters.

Since seeing Final Fantasy XIII’s revelation almost four years ago at the Electronic Entertainment Expo I fell in love with Final Fantasy all over again and now I am counting down the days till in gets released int he west. Unfortunately I don’t own a PS3 and the plan to get one is just one of many sacrifices I have to make to ensure that Operation Visit Japan works, but I have access to a few and I am looking forward to spending many hours with Lighting, Snow Villiers, Sazh Katzroy and company.

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