Bought some Japanese study material

I haven’t been going to Japanese classes since January, I have been busy with work and too broke to pay for the classes. I have been studying and practicing more on my own though and although I try to post more about studying Japanese on my blog it’s always hard and time consuming because I have to ensure everything is researched properly and there are no errors. I will be posting more though as I have a couple drafts completed that only need the final touches.

After clearing my credit card bill for this month I decided that I needed some more Japanese study material, I went online to by a decent book and some flash cards before long I ended up buying 3 books some flash cards and a video game ^_^, yup a puzzle game to keep my brain exercised to I can memorize Japanese better…good excuse eh?…but I am serious.

Flashcards will be useful for practicing with my friends

I’ll be posting about the books and studying Japanese once they arrive which I hope will be within two weeks.

nothing to do with Japanese but I hear it’s a really good puzzle game