Boomslank – Original Anime Artwork on T-Shirts, iPhone cases and more

Many tears ago I had a weird addiction to collecting t-shirts. At the height of my “problem” I had dozens and dozens of different kinds of t-shirts that I prized and even refused to wear! I have recovered from that addiction, but recently I got an email from Boomslank, a business owned by a group of brothers specializing in printing original anime artwork on t-shirts, iPhone cases and most recently posters. The minute I looked at their website I fell in love with their shirt designs and knowing it was all original artwork made me appreciate it more, so I jumped at the offer of getting a free t-shirt of my choice so I could share the Boomslank goodness with my readers.

Visit the Boomslank store and check out there offerings, the shirt I got featured artwork entitled “Flag” and features a badass looking samurai ninja dude holding a torn flag with too female sidekicks. The artwork is done by P-Shinobi and he used the paragraph below to describe it:
Flag is my second graphic tee. With this design I really tried a very different art style and theme. I do this often because…I get bored easily and love trying new things ^_^”. Flag or “Capture the flag” as I like to call it features three new OCs (original characters), Inoue Sato and two others (who will be revealed later) in a scenario very similar to the traditional game of capture the flag. But you can probably tell that this version of the game is a little more serious! XD
Check out Boomslank and all their products, they ship internationally and they also have a blog and a detailed F.A.Q. for any and all questions you may have. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter. I like to support small business born from a dream/passion and I hope you do too!


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