Avatar Movie Review

I went to see Avatar a week ago but due to the Christmas festivities and other distractions I haven’t been able to put together my review post properly until now. There are no iMax theaters in Jamaica unfortunately so all you North American peeps who kept teasing me on twitter bugger off I just had to make due and watch it in 3D. So let me start off the review by saying this – Avatar is Awesome!

When the Avatar hype train starting moving along I feared that this would end up being another over-hyped flop and I intentionally cut my self off from Avatar related news, previews and info. 300 million dollars is a lot to spend on a movie and I think that makes it the most expensive movie ever so if it did fail they would need to find a stronger word than “flop” to describe it.

Best movie in years

So after bribing my way through a 1 week waiting list and fighting through crowds I finally got to see Avatar in 3D. Previously I hated wearing those goofy uncomfortable 3D glasses but after the first minute of the film I forgot it was even there! Avatar is engrossing, revolutionary and most importantly entertaining, it’s like riding an emotional roller coaster filled with happiness, sadness, humor, anger among other feelings. The story and at least two of the characters did disappoint a little bit but there is no doubt that Avatar is the best thing to happen to the movie industry in many years.

Michelle Rodriguez

Just when I though I had kicked my Michelle Rodriguez obsession she had to show up in this film. I’m not big on celebrities and often laugh at people who obsess of celebs, entertainers and such but if I had to choose one celeb to be trapped on an island in the middle of nowhere with it would be Michelle.

Go see it!

If you haven’t seen Avatar yet get off you ass and go purchase your movie tickets now! Have you seen Avatar? Please leave a comment and share your feedback on the  movie.



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