Author: Jamaipanese

I passed the JLPT N5


Six months ago I announced that I failed the N5 level of the Japanese Language proficiency test. I tried to be positive about it but deep down I was disappointed. Fast forward to today and I am happy to say that I have now passed the...


Elgato HD60 S – Hello Gaming content

So I’ve decided that I wanted to do more video game streaming and gaming-related content in 2019. I got myself an Elgato Game Capture HD60 as I really want to make gaming a core pillar of my channel again going forward along with my vlogs...


The Railway Museum in Saitama

Take a short train ride outside Tokyo to Saitama to the Railway Museum and enjoy hours of fun learning about railway technology over the years and Japan’s own technological contributions. This museum has everything in its various exhibits from simulators, explanations of train-related jobs, history,...


Japanese High School Kids enjoy visit to Jamaica

Tottori Prefecture and Western Jamaica’s relationship has been growing deeper and closer. Culture, sports, tourism, education and training partnerships have been mutually beneficial and the signs are that it will only get between for the 2020 Olympics and beyond. The latest chapter in the partnerhsip/love...


Reigniting my Table Tennis flame

table tennis

I played table tennis it high school, reluctantly at first as I wanted to do track and field but my asthma made me unable to manage the intense training. Table Tennis eventually grew into one of the highlights of my high school years and the sport...


Driving School and getting my Drivers Licence in Japan

Recently I went to a driving school in Japan to aid me in acquiring my driver’s license here. For most foreigners getting a driver’s license in Japan involves going to a licensing centre doing an interview then coming back for a driving test, written test...


Things getting clearer the second time around

A few weeks ago I recognized that it has been one year since I have been living in Japan. I am amazed at how fast the time has flown by. What has been even more surprising in the weeks since is the repetition of many...


Shore Trooper from Star Wars Rouge One

My figure collection expanded further recently when I acquired a 1/12 scale Shore Trooper model from Star Wars Rogue One. The figure was a gift from my pal Mike who is a fellow ALT on the JET program here in Shimane, Japan. I should have...


Just when I thought I was a Japan-travel guru

I recently went to Tokyo. Travelling from my rural island via ferry and overnight bus. I really enjoyed myself in Tokyo but then it was time to return – so I started to make my way to Tokyo station to catch my night bus –...