Asafa Powell, this fan just turned a critic

Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failureGeorge Woodberry

It is my opinion that currently Asafa Powell lacks the mental fortitude that is needed to be counted among the all time greats of track and field. It took me a few hours to digest his defeat at the World Championships in Osaka Japan. It is not the embarrassing defeat or his lack of a major title other than the world record, it’s his facial expression and submission to a challenge from that Gay fellow. How can you give up?!?!? so what if you would have came in second? but to hang your head mid race and limp through like a mongrel who has just been scolded by his master (tail between his legs and all) is what is disturbing, I will not even go on about how he threw away his silver medal, albeit it a great run and national record for my Bahamian brethren and Caribbean brother Derrick Atkins.

I have often laughed at people who are quick to crucify and discard persons who were formerly great as soon as they lose their glory but this time is an exception. Asafa’s performance today was a disappointment to the great sprinters from Jamaica that preceded him and he had better pick himself up, spit the dirt out of his mouth and work on his mental strength for the Beijing Olympics next year in order to silence this harsh critic, because if he doesn’t this member of the cult of Jamaica athletics will be at the front of the mob shouting…… “off with his head!


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