Annoyed with the Naruto Manga and Anime – quick rant

The Naruto manga series and it’s anime adaptation is one of the most popular series not only in Jamaica but in the entire world right now. Naruto video games, memorabilia and other merchandise is pure gold at the moment and Naruto character Cosplayers overrun every popular Anime Expo, but my all seeing otaku eyes sense doom for the Naruto series on a whole because die hards like me are starting to be disappointed as my feelings are shared by most of my anime/manga loving friends.

The Naruto Anime

You could almost hear the celebrations of my otaku brethren worldwide when it was announced in mid 2006 that the Naruto anime was returning after a long break with an addition to the name and a promise of a continuation of the story, and in February 2007 Naruto Hurricane Chronicles was born. It started all well and good but after the first couple exciting episodes and the hype wore off I came to realize how lackluster the animation and artwork was with very few exceptions. The episodes are long and drawn out, the music although of similar quality but so overused it looses it’s freshness quickly (akatsuki theme) and I swear to God that every time I see blowing trees, hair, clothes or dust I want to punch the monitor because there are so many of those damn windy scenes!

It’s obvious the anime series is being milked and stretched out for all it’s worth and it’s frustration for long time watchers like me who are used to the story moving steadily each week, complete with high quality themes and musical scores, excellent animation and art which all comes together for a fulfilling experience.

The Naruto Manga

Although the anime quality was getting worse each episode I would always look forward to my Naruto manga fix every Friday morning but alas due to recent developments in the manga’s story it seems I might have to start looking elsewhere to soothe my addiction. I may just be bitter but I really don’t care but how could they kill off my favourite character! So many other characters are “dispensable” but they had to choose “him” to kill and he died so lame, crying like an old bitch, I mean come on…ever heard of going out with a BANG!…instead he went with a splash -_-.

My other problem is how Sasuke centered the entire story has become and how lame Naruto (the character) continues to be. Sasuke is like super powerful, showing off tonnes of new techniques, mature, killing off or beating bad guys by the dozen but instead Naruto is skipping around with friends in a coat wielding a slightly improved technique he learnt 200 chapters ago……RASENGAN!!!!!!…..lame -_-

*end rant here*



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