Akihabara Electric Town Experience and Photography Blowout

Being a fan of anime, manga, gadgets and tech, one of the places I spent the most time at and enjoyed the most while visiting Japan was Akihabara or “Akiba” as it is known by the locals. I learned a lot about Japan’s “geek” culture from my visit to Japan and conversations with Japanese pals in and out of Tokyo. The general concensus from the outside seems to be that Akihabara is a shady place filled with males of all ages with with lots of time and/or money on their hands. While from inside Akiba is a shrine, an oasis, a spit of land in a chaotic city that Japanese geeks have conquered and made their own by filling it with everything their geeky hearts desire such as electronics, manga, computers, anime, otaku goods, maids, robots etc.

Bless my geeky heart

My own geeky heart, like so many around the world resonates with Akihabara and after experiencing Akiba twice throughout my 3 week visit to Japan I have repeatedly stated that if I had the cash to burn I’d have spent most of those 3 weeks in Akihabara exploring stores, attending events and just absorbing the sights, tastes and sounds. It really is a wonderful place that is worth visiting whether you are just looking for deals on electronics or want to worship at the AKB48 altar. I am not a fan of EVERYTHING Akiba has to offer to but I am a fan of enough and my posts about the Gundam Cafe, eating at at the Akiba branch of Yoshinoya, visiting every floor of Club Sega and waging war on a bowl of Ramen do well to highlight some of my adventures there.

Share your Akiba experience/dream and check out more photos

Below you can look at a few dozen photos from the hundred I took while trodding around Akiba. Click on the photo to get the full view, RSS and email feed lurkers will have to click here to view the post on the site. While you all are here please share your own Akihabara experience, dream, fantasy or link to photos you took or like. Feel free ask me any questions about my time in Akiba or just about anything Akiba related in a comment below.

lots to do and see on the main street and sidestreets of Akiba
I easily found things that matched my interests, like trains…
Anime figures…
lots and lots of anime figures…
Video Games…
merchandise and memorabilia…
even Godzilla o.O
watch out though, the maid cafe girls are all undercover ninja!
When I strike it rich, I am going to reproduce this sign on the wall of my 10,000 square foot Japan-themed mancave



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