A Man Among Wolves – National Geographic Channel

Doing some browsing this morning and found this upcoming program while checking my animal/nature related feeds. Very interesting from the previews and I’ll be sure to check this out on APril the 16th on the Nation Geographic Channel. Just thought I’d share.

Delve into the unique story of a maverick researcher named Shaun Ellis who raises abandoned wolf cubs and teaches them by example how to survive in the wild. In A Man Among Wolves, see how Shaun has given up everything to take a daring and unorthodox approach to understanding wolves every moveliving and behaving like them, howling, licking, and snarling like them, even eating carcass meat like them. This one-hour special documents this man’s incredible journey to better grasp the complex nature of wolf society by immersing himself in their world as their accepted leader. It is a curious study that provides Shaun with one-of-a-kind insight into this feared predator.

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ABC News Coverage

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