8 Random things about me

I was tagged by hecklefind in a blog game that goes around, when you are tagged you should post 8 random things about yourself. Here goes ^_^

1. I take 5 minutes every morning to plan out my activities for the entire day
2. I suffer from Hemophobia
3. I hope to become a gun collector in the future
4. I play video games for at least 1 hour every day
5. I was told I suffer from superiority syndrome (I was misunderstood)
6. I skipped maths class everyday in my last year of high school
7. I would like to have only one child if the first one is a boy, if it’s a girl I’ll try again but I don’t want more than 2 children.
8. The three most important women in my life names start with S. Sharmin, Schennelle and Serita.

I now hereby tag Gordon, Mike, Taylor and Ruekurei. It’s simple just post 8 random thoughts about yourself on you blog and tag up to 8 of your fellow bloggers. I hope you take part.


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