Monthly Archive: September 2017

Life without a Computer

Ok, I know, my phone is technically a computer, so is my PlayStation 4 but the “computer” I am been living without in a sense for the past few months is a personal computer. No more PC gaming, no more uploading videos to my youtube...


Samus Edition 3DS and Metroid: Samus Returns

Rewarding yourself for achieving things/goals is one of my favourite ways to motivate myself. My last reward to myself was a trip to New York when I finished undergrad studies. Fast forward almost a year and throw a list of things too numerous to mention...


Japan Scene 2: Futsal x English Master

It was supposed to be a regular Thursday night futsal session. I’ve never been much of a football/soccer player outside of my inter-school league in high school but I willingly got connected to the futsal club on my island. Futsal now served two purposes for...


Japan Scene 1: New Teacher x Ferry Rendezvous

Oki Islands View

Rural communities the world over have a distinct charm; the people are usually friendlier, more close-knit and very curious. These attributes certainly apply to the rural island community I reside in now in Japan. My short time here has already been punctuated by astute exchanges...