Monthly Archive: February 2017

Japanese Calendar Festival 2017

The Annual Japanese Calendar Festival returned in 2017 at a new venue; the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston. I attended with my family as its an opportunity to expose them to Japanese culture and we were not disappointed. There were various booths set up around...


Final Fantasy XV – revamped but with problems

So I picked up a shiny new copy of Final Fantasy XV for the PS4 late last year. My first launch day video game purchase in a very very very long time. This game was in development for a lets just say “a while” and...


Protoje – Blood Money: Lyrics and Video

“This song is so socially relevant, people connect to it on first listen. It’s speaking about things that are collectively on all of our minds, that we all want to talk about, and I’m using my voice to bring these topics to the forefront of...