Monthly Archive: July 2015

Star Wars: Lords of the Sith

I’ve grown into somewhat of a Darth Vader fanboy in recent years. One of the most iconic villains in entertainment history has an interesting story and the body-count to go with it. After enjoying Star Wars: Tarkin I turned my geeky eyes on any other...


I am a Chibi Samurai thanks to @mira_art0

Surfing through Instagram recetnly I came upon a page by @mira_art0 with some adorable chibi art. I spent a few minutes perusing the collection before leaving a comment asking I could get a chibi version of myself drawn. I was quickly contacted and a few...


Marc Mundy: Jamaican JET talks life in Japan

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be a series of interviews of successful JETs living and working in Japan. The first interview is with Marc Mundy a Jamaican JET who arrived in Japan in July 2014 (almost a year to the date...


Say Hello to Pepper – a Robot with Feelings

Japan’s SoftBank Robotics Corporation has created a new artificial companion designed to recognize, react to, and display human emotions. As a 90’s child this is like an episode straight out of the Jetsons but Pepper is real, with the first 1000 units selling out in...


Wasabi Japanese Speech Contest


Wasabi Japanese is a new service launched recently that provides online lessons with native speakers of Japanese at a very affordable rate. In commemoration of their launch they are having a Japanese speech contest where a lucky winner (members and non-members may enter) can win a trip...


What the Ancients Knew – The Japanese

I surfed into a 10 year old documentary titled “What the Ancients Knew – The Japanese” recently that covers how many ancient technologies and techniques have been reapplied into the modern era and helped to develop Japan into the economic superpower it still is today....